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Frequently Asked Questions


To submit an event to the main calendar, you must first login with your ONID account. On the main calendar page at, the event submission link is in the left sidebar. In the Advanced interface, the link appears under the calendar name.
From a departmental, group, or personal calendar, the OSU Events calendars will appear in the "Additional Calendars" list; select one or more.
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How do I submit a new event to a departmental/group/personal calendar?
First, open the calendar you wish to submit to. The calendar list is available at (you might see some additional calendars in the Advanced interface, in the sidebar). With the calendar open, the "Submit event" link will be at the bottom of the left sidebar (Basic interface), or below the calendar name (Advanced interface). On the Event Form, verify that the "Calendar" option is correct before submitting.
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Why does my recurring event happen more than once per day?
This problem happens with recurring events that span multiple days. The Start Date and End Date event fields refer to a single occurrence of an event. So an event that starts on 3/21/06 and lasts for four days should be filled out as follows:
  • Start Date: 3/21/06
  • End Date: 3/21/06 (the first day)
  • Repeat: Yes Every 1 Day
  • Repeat Ends: after 4 times
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The email address on my event isn't correct. Why is that?
For guests, we slightly obfuscate emails address by replacing the @ sign with the word "at." Anyone logged in with their ONID account will see the correct address.
We do this to hamper the ability of spam bots to harvest email addresses from the calendar pages.
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How do I receive email notifications for pending events on my calendar(s)?
The calendar sends email only when you have configured an email address and selected a frequency to receive mail. Please see User Preferences in the calendar Help for the options.
Notifications only queue up if you have an email address set, so you'll only get notifications starting from the time you configure an email address.
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How do I get a complete list of calendars?
The complete list of calendars is published as a hierarchical list at Logged in users may see additional private calendars not viewable to the general public.
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How do I request a calendar for my department/group?
Send us a help ticket and let us know what department/group it's for, and who should be the initial owners.
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How do I made my calendar private/public?
Be sure you're logged in. Open the calendar and select the Advanced interface. Click the Details link under the calendar name, then Edit (also under the calendar name). The Status field can be set to one of:
  • Private - Only users explicitly granted access can view the calendar.
  • Read-only - Anyone can view the calendar, but only users explicitly granted access can submit events.
  • Enabled - Anyone can view or submit events to the calendar.
Select the appropriate status, and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.
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I don't have an ONID account, how can I get access to a calendar?
We have some options. Send us a help ticket and let us know what department/group it's for, and who should be the initial owners.
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