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PhD Oral Preliminary Examination – Shan Xue

Friday, March 13, 2015 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Control Optimization in Large-Scale Diffusion Network
Diffusion processes in networks are common models for main domains, including species spreading, information diffusion, disease propagation, fire diffusion and a lot of others. We study a class of probabilistic planning problems where we can apply actions over time to control the diffusion process, so as to achieve a specific optimization goal. This paper generally introduces the background of such problems and provides an overview of our previous work, which suggests a scalable approach schema using sampling of the future and compact encoding of the samples. We also propose two new applications that we plan to work on in the near future, and the corresponding work schedules.

Major Advisor: Alan Fern
Committee: Thomas Dietterich
Committee: Prasad Tadepalli
Committee: Lan Xue
GCR: Gary Egbert

Kelley Engineering Center (campus map)
Nicole Thompson
1 541 737 3617
Nicole.Thompson at oregonstate.edu
Sch Elect Engr/Comp Sci
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