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Strengths Based Leadership

Melissa Yamamoto

Monday, January 25, 2016 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

This session requires advanced completion of a 30-minute online assessment, the Clifton StrengthsFinder, by all attendees. Thus, registration is due by January 6th. Those who have signed up will receive an exclusive access code to allow them to take the Strengths assessment between Jan 7th and Jan 14th. The actual session on Jan 18th will then utilize the data from your assessment in helping you understand your strengths as a leader!

This assessment has helped more than 8 million people around the world discover their talents and become better leaders. After you take the Clifton StrengthsFinder, you'll receive a customized report that lists your top five talent themes, along with action items for development and suggestions about how you can use your talents to achieve academic, career, and personal success. In a highly interactive workshop, Melissa Yamamoto (Gallup Certified Strengths Coach) will help you understand your strengths and how to utilize this knowledge to maximize your practices as a leader. Attendees can expect to:

Increase your self-awareness. Effective leaders know what they do well, and they find ways to apply their talents authentically and productively. Understanding your talents is an important step in cultivating self-awareness as a leader.

Deepen your knowledge and appreciation of others' talents. As you learn more about your own talents, you will begin to see the unique talents in others. You'll also appreciate others for the different perspectives they offer because of their talents. The best leaders understand that teams with a diversity of talents achieve the best outcomes.

Form and maximize your teams. Although leaders need not be well-rounded, teams should be. Understanding each team members' talents is crucial to getting the most out of a team -- and in a way that honors the contributions each person can make. Understanding each team members' talents will give you new insights into how the team can perform to its full potential.

Help others to affirm, develop, and apply their talents. As a leader who understands your own talents and how to apply them productively, you can lead others to develop and apply their talents.


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(All OSU engineering students in good academic standing with a minimum of 45 total earned credits are eligible to apply)