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PhD Final Oral Examination – Vahid Behravan

Thursday, February 2, 2017 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Compressive Sensing for Low Power Sensor Design
Recent sensor System-on-Chips (SoC) have enabled significant advances in energy-efficiency by incorporating various micro-powered building blocks. Unfortunately, most of these sensor systems do not address the high power cost associated with data storage and transmission that in some cases vastly exceeds the power consumed by the rest of the SoC. In recent years, Compressive-Sensing (CS) has been proposed as a method to achieve significant sensor data compression, achieving compression rates up to 10x depending on the signal sparsity. This work addresses conventional CS issues including non-adaptive compression rate and suggests solutions for these. First a feasibility study is conducted to investigate the sparsity variance of some biomedical signals and an adaptive CS framework proposed, to adjust the compression rate based upon the input signal’s sparsity on-the-fly. Second, a CS framework proposed whose reconstruction is aided by statistics collection. It is demonstrated how to fuse sensor data and statistics information together to improve the signal-to-error ratio (SER) of reconstruction. A test chip fabricated in TSMC 65-nm technology to implement the algorithm in a SoC incorporating statistics collection block in order to improve performance of the CS algorithm. The last part of this work studies emerging application of time-of-flight cameras for depth measurement. These devices generate a 3 Dimensional (3D) point cloud that basically includes 3D details of objects in front of them. A framework to apply CS to 3D point cloud data is presented and finally it is shown that the idea of adaptive CS can be used for 3D point cloud data compression.

Major Advisor: Patrick Chiang
Committee: Matthew Johnston
Committee: Huaping Liu
Committee: Jinsub Kim
GCR: Michelle Dolgos

Kelley Engineering Center (campus map)
Nicole Thompson
1 541 737 3617
Nicole.Thompson at oregonstate.edu
Sch Elect Engr/Comp Sci
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