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Jennifer Hayduk, PhD student in Fisheries, Oregon State University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife

Local and regional patterns in eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) communities along an upwelling-productivity gradient in Oregon Estuaries, USA

Thursday, November 30, 2017 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Eelgrass ecosystems are an important source of primary production in estuarine systems, providing numerous ecosystem services, including nursery habitat for commercial fish, water quality improvement, and sediment stabilization. Community structure in eelgrass systems, i.e., the diversity, abundance, and composition of primary and secondary consumers, is influenced by a combination of local to regional scale variability in environmental and biotic factors. This presentation will address the relationships among primary producers (eelgrass, ulvoid macroalgae, and epiphytes), epifaunal mesograzers, and fish predators within and across three estuaries located on the Oregon Coast, USA (Netarts Bay, Yaquina Bay, and Coos Bay) from observational surveys conducted in 2015. The talk will focus on the relative importance of variation at different scales in regulating eelgrass community structure. Implications for what processes may be important in shaping eelgrass communities and associated ecological functions will be discussed, as well as an update on ongoing work on bottom-up and top-down controls in Oregon’s eelgrass systems.

OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center
Guin Library Seminar Room
2030 SE Marine Science Drive
maryann.bozza at oregonstate.edu
Hatfield Marine Sci Ctr
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