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Geotechnical Lecture Series

Innovative Earth Retention: Frozen Soil Shoring

Thursday, March 16, 2017 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM


SoilFreeze, Inc., Seattle, Wash. 

ABSTRACT: SoilFreeze, Inc. has completed more than 30 frozen soil shoring projects over the last 20 years. New projects over the last 5 years have included unique applications of frozen soil shoring, including a frozen soil cofferdam along the Yellowstone River, a frozen soil stabilization block in dry sand for the Reclamation Facility along the Spokane River, zone freezing for a TBM emergency repair 300 feet deep, a "V" shaped frozen barrier inside a Boeing hangar in Renton, one of the first U.S. frozen soil cross passage projects completed entirely inside a transit tunnel, and frozen soil groundwater cutoff wall for the ¾ mile Alaskan Way Seawall Replacement project in Seattle. Other projects featured include ground freezing for pump stations, TBM access shaft construction, and ground improvement around TBM access shafts. Details regarding frozen soil shoring design, including frozen soil strength, creep effects, salt effects, thermal analysis, and finite element analysis, will be discussed.

BIOGRAPHY: Dan Mageau has over 40 years of geotechnical experience as a foundation design consultant and as a frozen soil shoring designer. As a design consultant for various geotechnical consulting companies, including R&M Consultants, Shannon & Wilson, Hart Crowser and GeoEngineers, Dan worked on hundreds of projects throughout the United States, including buildings, bridges, pipelines, marine wharves. He also was heavily involved with the design and construction of conventional shoring such as soldier piles, sheet piles, secant piles, soil nails and concrete walls, primarily for contractors. Dan worked in Alaska (including the $10 billion oil pipeline), California, Texas, and Washington. He received his BS degree in Civil Engineering from the great Michigan State University (go Spartans) in 1975. He went on to get his MSc in geotechnical engineering from the University of Alberta under Dr. Norbert Morgenstern in 1978. Dan retired from geotechnical consulting in 2010 at which time he became co-owner (with partner Larry Applegate) and chief engineer of SoilFreeze, Inc. Over the next 6 years, Dan and Larry grew SoilFreeze from a 5-person, $2 million company into a 15-person, $10 million company. He utilized advanced numerical modeling methods for frozen soil design, including thermal (TEMP/w), seepage (SEEP/w) and structural/deformation analyses (PLAXIS 2D and 3D). Frozen soil shoring projects include deep shafts for TBM access, cross passage tunnels, soil stabilization outside TBM portals, pump stations, manholes, pipelines, shoring for building excavations, horizontal shoring (pipe jacking), and groundwater cutoff at remediation sites. Mr. Mageau has authored over 30 published articles related to geotechnical engineering and to ground freezing. 

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