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WSE Seminar Series: Gabriel Schwarzmann, MS Candidate


Wednesday, May 24, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

CLT is becoming global. New countries and regions increasingly realize the potential of what can be done with CLT. As a result, new markets are forming and new companies are entering the industry. Every new region or country that opens its doors to CLT has its own challenges and struggles. However, there is the unique opportunity to learn from the existing original market in Europe and the companies that have been successful there for many years. Especially the greater German-speaking alpine region was, and still is, the cradle of CLT innovation. For that reason, this research, using qualitative methods, analyzes market characteristics and business models of this region. The goal is to find what lessons were learned over the years. In a second step, North America as an example of a new market is analyzed using the same framework. Combined findings give an enhanced understanding of what can be done to foster and fast-track implementation of CLT in new global markets.



Gabriel has done his undergrad in Wood Construction in Kuchl, Austria and is currently pursuing a masters degree at OSU in Wood Science with a strong focus on Forest Products Marketing. His research project is done in collaboration with the Tall Wood Design Institute.



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Jessica King
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