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Enology Extension Workshop

Sulfides in Winemaking

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Speaker Dr. James Osborne, OSU Department of Food Science & Technology will present a half day workshop that will explore the many factors influencing sulfide production during winemaking and ways to reduce their formation. Dr. James Osborne will discuss some of the latest research regarding this complex problem including recent work conducted at OWRI that investigated formation of sulfur compounds post-alcoholic fermentation.  

Specifically we will discuss:

  • Vineyard influences- Nitrogen and elemental sulfur
  • Formation during alcoholic fermentation
  • Formation post-alcoholic fermentation
  • Methods to minimize formation and tools for treatment  


A tasting will also be conducted highlighting how sulfides can impact wine.

Submit your registration form at oregonstate.edu/foodsci/sulfides-winemaking 

Please contact James Osborne at james.osborne@oregonstate.edu for further details

Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center (SOREC)
Central Point
James Osborne
james.osborne at oregonstate.edu
Food Science & Technology
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