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FREE WEBINAR: Web Design and Development Career Path Essentials

A blue print for new career opportunities in web design/development that builds on your unique career strengths.

Friday, May 12, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Right now, demand for web development know-how is exploding across industries - from startups and large enterprises, to education, to nonprofits.

So, it's an exciting time for professionals with backgrounds in graphic design, language, management and marketing (to name just a few) who are interested in adding coding and web development to their skills mix.

In this Webinar You'll Receive:

  • A quick breakdown of the current web development and coding landscape
  • A list of the new career pathways and opportunities in web development and coding
  • What employers are actually looking for
  • The fastest way to acquiring new web design and development skills

Webinar Details:

Date: Friday, May 12 
Time: Noon - 1pm PST (3 - 4 pm EST)



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Greg Aronoff
greg.aronoff at oregonstate.edu
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