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Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Finally, a USDA insurance program for the rest of us

Monday, May 15, 2017 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

You know that farming is uncertain and that a wide range of problems, large and small, can occur that could reduce your expected farm income next year. Risk in farming cannot be eliminated. But there are proven ways to manage risk. How do you currently manage your farming risks?

A new federal insurance program, USDA's Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP), now guarantees up to 85% of your expected farm income from all crop and livestock production, including specialty or organically grown products. It is available today in every country and covers mixed farming operations of all sizes, both established and beginning, including those that direct market part or all of their production. 

The USDA and Oregon State University, in cooperation with Northwest Farm Credit Services, are offering a two-hour workshop to help farmers understand WFRP. In this workshop, you'll learn how WFRP can be the core of an effective risk understand WFRP. In this workshop, you'll learn how WFRP can be the core of an effective risk management strategy for all farms, including those that may already have some other form of crop insurance. (WFRP expands on the existing Federal Crop Insurance program, which insures a single commidity.) Nancy Jensen, an Oregon small farmer, will describe via video how she benefits from using WFRP and what this insurance costs her. You'll learn how to estimate what the WFRP benefits might be for your farm, how to calculate what your cost would be and work through a loss scenario. You will also learn the next steps to take, if you decide to move forward and apply for WFRP coverage. 

The Lane county area WFRP workshop is on Monday, May 15th from 10 to noon at the Lane County Extension Office.

Registration is not required and there is no fee to attend. Coffee and biscotti provided.

Lane County Extension Office
996 Jefferson St.
Kent Fleming
kent.fleming at oregonstate.edu
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