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When Colonization is a Pathogen

Monday, May 22, 2017 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

According to a landmark study published by the National Institute of Mental Health, almost half of all Americans will develop some form of mental illness during their lifetime. At least half of these will begin to show signs of disease by the age of 14, and people of color who suffer from these ailments are more likely to go untreated and suffer in silence. The primary cause stems from the stigma that is often attached to mental illness.

In this three-part event, we will be analyzing the history of mental health stigma, treatment, and barriers that people of color have faced. We will also examine the current issues found in the health care field due to lack of representation in counselling/psychology for underrepresented individuals. Finally, we will discuss current directions of the mental health care field as it attempts to remedy these barriers to mental health treatment and awareness, as well as coming up with solutions of our own. Through discussion, activities, and presentations from those working in the field, we will gain a greater understanding of mental health, how it relates to communities of color, and the role representation plays in the accessibility of mental health services. 
(5/22) Asian & Pacific Cultural Center
(5/23) Asian & Pacific Cultural Center
(5/24) Women's Center

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Asian & Pacific Cultural Center (campus map)
Women's Center
The Gathering Hall
2695 SW Jefferson Way
Reagan Le
541 737 9033
Reagan.Le at oregonstate.edu
Diversity & Cultural Engagement
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