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PhD Defense: Kengo Kato

Blast-induced Liquefaction: Observational Estimation of Vibration, Settlement and Residual Pore Water Pressure

Monday, May 15, 2017 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Abstract: Blast technique has been used as an effective soil improvement method to compact loose coarse-granular soils since 1930s, and the use of blast technique is extended as an application of in-situ liquefaction testing to investigate the performance of full scale foundations and countermeasures against liquefaction in recent decades. Several guidelines have been provided to determine optimum blast specification. In the guidelines, the empirical or semi-empirical models to predict relating to blast, such as ground vibration, excess pore water pressure are proposed, however predicting them is still difficult because the mechanism of blast-induced liquefaction is poorly understood.

The objective is to provide the evaluation methods and procedures of ground vibration, ground surface settlement, and residual pore water pressure resulting from blast-induced liquefaction. The data from USA, Japan, Canada, and New Zealand, including from medium dense, dense sandy soils to fine soils, and various blast properties, are collected and screened for quality. The new scaling law accounting for single and multiple blat is proposed, and the new empirical models are developed to predict them for coarse-granular soils. The developed models are useful as a preliminary tool for engineers to design blast-induced liquefaction testing safely.

Major Advisor: Dean Scott Ashford

Co-Major Advisor: Dr. Ben Mason

Committee: Dr. Michael Olsen

Committee: Dr. Ben Leshchinksky

GCR: Dr. Andrew Meigs 

Kearney Hall (campus map)
Shannon Reed
shannon.reed at oregonstate.du
Sch of Civil/Constr Engr
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