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Search Advocate Series Session 2 of 2

Friday, September 22, 2017 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM

This workshop is the second in a 2-part series that prepares people to be OSU Search Advocates.  Search Advocates are process experts who serve as external search committee members--outside their own departments/disciplines--to enhance the fairness, validity, and diversity of university search and selection efforts from position development through integration of the new employee.  Session 1 is a prerequisite for this session, and both sessions are required in order to be eligible to serve as a search advocate.  Session 2 begins with development of screening criteria, then proceeds through the search stages (recruit, screen, interview, references, recommend, and integrate the new employee), and includes a panel of current Search Advocate.  The workshop provides practical strategies to help search committees test their thinking, address complex process concerns, improve search validity and fairness, understand/promote diversity, mitigate conflicts of interest, and anticipate/address a variety of other potential bias risks.  To register, go tohttp://oregonstate.edu/training/course_list.php?cat_id=45 and log in with your onid username and password.

Hallie Ford Center (campus map)
Anne Gillies
1 541 737 0865
anne.gillies at oregonstate.edu
Academic Affairs Admin
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