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WSE Seminar Series: Daniel Way, PhD Candidate

Small- and Large-Scale Accelerated Weathering of Wood-Based Composites

Wednesday, October 18, 2017 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Numerous schemes have been devised for accessing the moisture resistance of wood composites and adhesives. Some of these schemes have been developed into product standards. These test methods are called accelerated weathering (AW). AW procedures are routinely used to compare relative moisture durability between similar products or adhesive systems. AW tests require controlled environment chambers, water baths, ovens, water spray systems, etc. Specimen size must be compatible with available equipment. Even though these tests are “accelerated”, test duration can still be 2 hours to 2 months or more.  Due to the special environment control equipment and duration of testing, AW specimens are typically small. Small specimens have a bias toward edge effects, where water intrusion is dominant. Yet, wood composites in actual service are large, and edge effects are less significant in regard to structural integrity.

Results from a study evaluating specimen size influences of plywood, OSB, and LVL on results from three AW procedures at the small-scale will be discussed in this presentation. In addition, performance of wood composite I-joists subjected to laboratory AW and short-term outdoor exposure will be compared.


Danny is pursuing a PhD in Wood Science. He received a M.S. in Wood Science in 2015 and B.S. in Renewable Materials in 2012, at Oregon State. Danny worked as a production supervisor at Northwest Hardwoods in Eugene, OR for 18 months after completing his B.S. and is interested in returning to industry to pursue a career in product/process development upon earning a PhD.



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