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Science Pub Corvallis

Monday, October 9, 2017 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Assembling the Northwest: A roadside view of Oregon and Washington geology

Speaker: Marli Miller, senior Instructor in the Department of Earth Sciences at University of Oregon

With its spectacular mountain ranges, lush valleys and tumbling rivers, the Northwest landscape attracts nature lovers and travelers from around the world. But the rain-soaked coast range, snow-covered volcanoes and expansive high desert didn’t appear overnight. They formed through a variety of geologic processes over millions of years.

Marli Miller will outline the geology of Oregon and Washington as seen along our federal and state highways. Beginning with our plate tectonic setting, she will describe the process of continental growth that forms the underlying but diverse “basement” of the region and is readily visible in the Coast Range, North Cascades, Okanogan, Klamath, and Blue Mountains. Following that, a photographic “roadtrip” up I-84 and Washington State Highway 14 in the Columbia Gorge will illustrate many of the younger features that make our landscape so unique.

Miller is the author of "Roadside Geology of Oregon" and most recently "Roadside Geology of Washington", which she wrote with Darrel Cowan of the University of Washington. Copies of her books will be available at the event from Grass Roots Books in Corvallis.

Science Pub is sponsored by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the Downtown Corvallis Association and Terra magazine at Oregon State University.

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