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OktoberPest 2017

Pest Management Workshops for Greenhouse and Nursery Growers Thursdays in October

Thursday, October 12, 2017 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

OktoberPest is a series of workshops designed to help improve knowledge about pest management. This year we will focus on pest insect order recognition, boring insects, invasive species, and slug and snail management in commercial nurseries.

Our workshops and information sessions provide a focused learning environment for pest management professionals.

Oct. 12 The Boring Workshop: A Primer on Insects that Bore into Nursery Stock   9am-12:00pm

Robin Rosetta and Nik Wiman, Department of Horticulture, OSU/NWREC Extension Participants will learn basic biology, identification, damage, and management of the most common boring insect species in nurseries. There will be a focus on Pacific flatheaded borer management (PFB). Biology and management of PFB, including what they have learned in hazelnut production, will be discussed.




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