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Degrowth: Subversive Subjectivities and the Transformation of the Social Imaginary

Barbara Muraca

Monday, October 9, 2017 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The pervasive logic of economic growth has molded our self-understanding and led us to think and act no longer as social citizens, but as entrepreneurs of ourselves. Muraca will discuss how social experiments emerging from Degrowth—a new worldwide social movement inspired by classical environmentalism—challenge this logic and articulate a critique of its colonization of social relations and modes of desire. By learning from queer strategies, alternative practices have the potential, in the cracks opened by creative resistance, to decolonize the social imaginary and subversively ‘undo’ growth as a mental infrastructure.



Dr. Barbara Muraca, a 2017-18 Center research fellow, teaches philosophy in OSU's School of History, Philosophy, and Religion. Her research focuses on sustainability theory, environmental philosophy, and social philosophy. Her work has been published in the journals Environmental Values and Futures, and anthologized in the Handbook of Ecological Economics

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