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Pasture Management Course

8-weeks, Thursday evenings Feb. 22 - April 12

Thursday, February 22, 2018 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Please contact paula.burkhalter@oregonstate.edu if you would like a hard copy of the flyer or if you need help with the registration process.

Join us for 8 Thursday evenings and 3 Saturday field trips (dates in March and April to be confirmed). This 8-week course on improving the health & productivity of your pastures and the profitability of your animals. It is based on university research and the practice of several grazing management expertswell-known in the industry. Your fee includes a copy of Management-Intensive Grazing by Jim Gerrish and copies of all lecture slides.

Topics include: 1) Developing management goals; @0 Your rights and legal responsibilities; 3) Plant physiology, growth, and identification; 4) Soil fertility, health, and management in pasture; 5) Paddock and fencing design and materials; 6) Forage budgeting, hay cost, and extending the grazing season; 7) Raising small ruminants on pasture and browse vs. forage; 8) Water rights, watering facility use and design; 9) Intensive grazing and ultra-high density grazing; 10) ODA meat marketing and labeling laws; 11) Business and marketing plans; 12) Putting it all together and developing your plan.

Instructors: Gordon Jones, Ph.D. Grassland Ecosystem Management, Virginia Tech. OSU Extension Professor of Practice, General Agriculture.
Charles Boyer, University of Idaho Forestry and Range Management and Bureau of Land Management, retired. Charlie is especially knowledgeable about water-limited rangelands.
Angie Boudro, M.S. Animal Science, UC Davis.

Register on line:  http://bit.ly/JacksonExtAgriculture

Save $50 when you register before January 22, 2018.(note early registration deadline has been extended).

Please send any question to : gordon.jones@oregonstate.edu



USDA Service Center
Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District Classroom
89 Alder Dr
Central Point
$300 (discount for early registration, prior to Jan. 22)
Paula Burkhalter
1 541 776 7371
paula.burkhalter at oregonstate.edu
Ext Jackson Co Office
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