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Speaking (Dis)ability: Invisible Panel

Friday, February 16, 2018 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Speaking (Dis)Ability: Invisible Panel is an event to further the knowledge on campus about how (dis)ability status affects folx daily. This event also aims to let folx process how they may have impacted others by not thinking about how ability affects people. 

This event is the second event in a series of events focusing on ability status. The first event had a focus on those who identify as having a disability or are neurodivergent. We used story circles to collect stories from those with disability about their experinces on campus.

The last event will be a zine release happening in March collecting both the experiences of the first event, and the reactions from the second event.

We're really excited about these events. We hope to see you at all of them!

 Accommodation requests related to disability can be made before the event to the Womens Center at (541)737–3186 or email clemonje@oregonstate.edu.


Asian & Pacific Cultural Center (campus map)
Great Hall
Elijah Stucki
elijah.stucki at oregonstate.edu
Women's Center
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