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Online Training in Data Science Using R

Friday, March 2, 2018 12:00 PM

Chester Ismay, PhD, is Curriculum Lead at DataCamp and builds (and helps instructors build) R, Python, and SQL courses for DataCamp. He was formerly an Adjunct Professor of Sociology at Pacific University and an Instructional Technologist and Consultant for Data Science, Statistics, and R at Reed College.Chester Ismay, Ph.D.

He obtained his PhD in statistics from Arizona State University and has taught courses and led workshops in statistics, data science, mathematics, computer science, statistics, and sociology. He is co-author of both the fivethirtyeight and the infer R packages and is author of the thesisdown R package. He is also a co-author of ModernDive, an open source textbook for introductory statistics and data science students using R.

Chester is interested in the use of simulation and statistical computing to improving statistics and data science education.

His passion is for working with others on statistical projects using the R computing language and on pushing for reproducible research in all aspects.

He is also interested in statistics in sports and in enhancing public awareness and knowledge of the fields of statistics and data science.

He has taught many collegiate courses over the last ten years with varying roles from primary instructor to recitation/lab leader. His love for engaging students in mathematical, computational, and statistical concepts influences my work greatly.

Co-Sponsored by the Biostatistics Program

The college-wide research seminar is Co-Sponsored by:

The seminar series provides a forum for faculty in the College of Public Health & Human Sciences and other researchers to present and discuss current research topics in an environment conducive to stimulating research collaboration and fostering student learning. Faculty and students from the Division of Health Sciences and other colleges, research centers and institutions are encouraged to participate.

Art & Science!

We also encourage you to attend this Friday’s Music A La Carte to enjoy a Friday with both Art & Science!

This free, lunch-hour concert series has been a tradition at Oregon State University since 1969 and features a variety of OSU music ensembles, faculty and student musicians, as well as regional, national and international guest artists.

The concerts take place in the beautiful Memorial Union Lounge, beginning at 12 pm and lasting for approximately 45 minutes.

Hallie Ford Center (campus map)
S. Marie Harvey, DrPH, MPH
1 541 737 3824
Marie.Harvey at oregonstate.edu
College of Public Health and Human Sciences
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