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WSE Seminar Series: Kendall Conroy, MS Candidate

Architect Perceptions of Wood Products

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM

A wide variety of wood products exist nowadays for both structural and non-structural uses; however, they are still underutilized when it comes to non-residential construction. Since architects are one of the key decision makers for material selection in the construction sector, we investigated architects’ perceptions and familiarity of various wood products. We contacted American Institute of Architects certified architects in Washington, Oregon, and California to complete a questionnaire with questions covering levels of familiarity of 19 different wood products, how sustainable they think using wood products is, and what they predict the future of wood products is regarding use in the construction sector. Respondents indicated that the more familiar they are with a wood product, the more they have used it, and they indicated that they have a generally positive outlook toward many wood attributes such as aesthetics, and sustainability. Additionally, respondents consider internet searches and manufacturers as the most valuable tools for obtaining information about materials. Using information obtained in this study, promotional campaigns and education initiatives can be developed with the aim of increasing the specification of wood in different building types over fossil-based construction materials.

Kendall is a Master's student in the Wood Science & Engineering department. Her undergrad studies were also done here at Oregon State where she dual majored in Renewable Materials and Sustainability. Kendall will be graduating in June, and is currently looking at different job opportunities doing marketing within the forest product sector.



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