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What does it take to be an effective ally?

Thursday, July 24, 2008 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Each person who has interest in or chooses to work for social justice brings unique talents, skills and motives. Though it is often assumed that being a good ally is a matter of choosing to care about social justice, in fact most people find that there are new behaviors, attitudes and strategies that must be learned over time. In this session we will review some common strategies for being an effective ally, look at challenges related to learning new habits, and take a broad and inclusive view of how we can go about adapting to everyday life as a result of new and changing knowledge. OSU Student Advocate Christian Matheis will serve as the day's presenter and facilitator. All levels of learners are encouraged to attend. Lunches are welcome. Sponsored by the OSU Campus Coalition Builders, Division of Student Affairs http://oregonstate.edu/studentaffairs/ccb/index.html

Memorial Union (campus map)
Joyce Powell Leadership Center
2501 SW Jefferson Way
Jodi Nelson
1 541 737 0715
jodi.nelson at oregonstate.edu
Vice Prov / Student Aff
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