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Special IWW Lecture: Rebuilding disturbed landscapes - How computer models can aid environmental rehabilitation

Speaker: IWW Fellow, Dr. Greg Hancock, Department of the Discipline of Earth Sciences at the University of Newcastle

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 12:00 PM

Dr. Greg Hancock is an Associate Professor and Head of Department of the Discipline of Earth Sciences at the University of Newcastle. His research interests are in the long-term dynamics of geomorphic systems and the interactions between landscape geomorphology, hydrology and erosion. He has extensively tested and used soil erosion and landform evolution models for both theoretical and applied situations such as mine sites. Greg is working with Jeff McDonnell and team examining the sediment transport and landscape stability of mine sites in the USA. He is also examining the role of catastrophic events such as hurricanes and consequences such as tree-throw in altering hydrology and geomorphology and triggering landscape change.

Dr. Hancock is visiting the OSU Institute for Water and Watersheds as a Distinguished Fellow.

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