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Historicism and Empathy; or, Can We Learn Something from a Forgotten Orientalist?

Horning Lecture: Dr. Suzanne Marchand

Thursday, May 17, 2012 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


  This lecture seeks to bring to life the career and cultural context of the forgotten nineteenth-century orientalist and popular novelist, Georg Ebers.   By delving into Ebers life and work, the paper seeks to understand an era in which intellectuals cared about the ancient world and humankind’s religious histories, and in which imperial cupidity and racial ideas coexisted with sentimental and patriarchal, but nonetheless real, attempts to understand others. Ebers’ story reminds us of something that we have forgotten about the nineteenth century: that it was inhabited by a rich variety of characters, some of whom, at least, attempted to transcend the prejudices of their day.


Dr. Suzanne Marchand

Suzanne Marchand is Professor of European Intellectual History at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.  She earned her bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley in 1984, and an MA (1986) and Ph.D. (1992) from the University of Chicago.  She is the author of two monographs, Down from Olympus: Archaeology and Philhellenism in Germany, 1780-1970 (Princeton, 1996) and German Orientalism in the Age of Empire: Religion, Race, and Scholarship (Cambridge UP, 2009), which won the American Historical Association's George L. Mosse Prize for the best book in cultural or intellectual history in 2009.  

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