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Monday, March 5, 2012 (All Day Event)


The Great Work contest calls for writing and video entries

A special contest for OSU students invites written works or videos that tell hopeful stories about new ways for humans to prosper on Earth.

“The Great Work: Re-imagining Humanity as the Planet Changes” is sponsored by the Spring Creek Project, with support from the OSU

Student Sustainability Initiative. Winning written entries will be published in an insert in the Daily Barometer, and winning videos will be screened at a special event in the spring. Winners also receive $100 awards.

“Turbulent times are coming, bringing climate change, declining cheap energy, and many other environmental, economic and social disruptions,” says Charles Goodrich, Director of the Spring Creek Project. “They will also present huge opportunities to re-imagine how we live on Earth.”

“If we are reluctant to change, it may be because we don’t have enough good stories about how we might live and thrive on this changing planet,” Goodrich says. “Engineers have some ideas about greener technology, but as big a challenge is to imagine new ways of thinking about what we value the most -- success, community, happiness, and human thriving. That’s why we are looking for new stories that bring our values and aspirations together with our best scientific and social information to create meaningful options for embracing the future.”

The contest takes its title from the visionary moral thinker Thomas Berry. Berry wrote that “the Great Work” is for our species to transform ourselves from destructive forces into co-creators of the planet’s ecological abundance. Or, as Bill McKibben, last fall’s OSU Discovery Lecturer put it, “The physical world will be degraded -- there is no doubt about that. But perhaps the human world can still be made sweeter, deeper, more open.”

The deadline for submissions is March 5, 2012.

The Great Work is open to written and video entries in any genre: documentary, essay, opinion, creative. “We want to hear from students in engineering and agriculture, music and creative writing, fisheries, pharmacy, every field,” said Goodrich. “Everybody has a role in the ‘Great Work.’”

Contest guidelines and submission information can be found on the Spring Creek website: http://springcreek.oregonstate.edu

FMI: contact Spring Creek’s student intern, Dylan McDowell, mcdoweld@onid.orst.edu     

Dylan McDowell
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