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PhD Oral Preliminary Examination – Timothy Lewis

Monday, February 27, 2012 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Design and Control of an Autonomous Two-Body Wave Energy Converter for Maximum Power Absorption
Wave energy is recognized as a potential source for energy harvesting.

Direct energy from the immediate ocean environment may be of particular interest for remote or isolated ocean applications since the local wave energy source is persistent, predictable, has a high power density, and maintains a minimum power level in most ocean environments. This allows for the possibility of powering remote, electronic power equipment, with a Wave Energy Converter (WEC) that is highly scalable.

The goal of this research is to investigate what system configuration and physical features a WEC used for a remote, or autonomously powered application (as opposed to utility power generation) should possess, and then to implement and test such a device.

Previous research for wave energy converters has predominately focused on utility scale power generation with some limited Navy research on remote WEC use.  Concepts and tools used for the off-shore industry will be used to design the Autonomous Wave Energy Converter (AWEC) and the design will be validated using the O. H. Hinsdale wave tank laboratory resources at Oregon State University.

Major Advisor:Annette von Jouanne
Committee: Ted Brekken
Committee: Thinh Nguyen
Committee:Raviv Raich
GCR: Ethan Minot

Kelley Engineering Center (campus map)
Shannon Thompson
1 541 737 7234
shannon.thompson at oregonstate.edu
Sch Elect Engr/Comp Sci
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