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Historic Forest Conditions in the Middle Applegate

Thursday, October 18, 2012 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The general consensus has been that prior to Euroamerican settlement, many forests in the Applegate and elsewhere in SW Oregon were frequently visited by fire, resulting in relatively open conditions with little undergrowth.  This view has recently been challenged from some quarters. A current OSU study is "reconstructing" historic conditions in forests of the Middle Applegate, based on extensive sampling of trees and fire scars. Although not all the findings are in yet, this is an opportunity to find out what the research is saying so far about historic forest conditions in the Applegate and how we might use this information in managing local forests going forward.

Presented by Emily Comfort, OSU graduate student.

Pre-registration is requested.

Co-sponsred by the Jackson/Josephine Small Woodland Assocation and the OSU Extension Service.

Off Campus
OSU Extension Auditorium
Jackson County Extension
569 Handley Road
Central Point
Max Bennett
Max.bennett at oregonstate.edu
Jackson County Extension
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