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Science Pub Corvallis

The Science of Flavor

Monday, November 12, 2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Next Science Pub, November 12, 2012

The Science of Flavor


Juyun Lim, assistant professor of food science and technology, Oregon State University

Have you ever reminisced about the taste of a meal you ate the night before? You might have had stinky Limburger cheese, or maybe a spicy curry that made your mouth burn. But, if we are talking about the smell of cheese and the irritation from curry, why do we call them taste?

The science of flavor is complicated. Some of the players include sweet and bitter tastes which are detected solely on the tongue. It also encompasses smell, such as the rich odor of vanilla, which is detected exclusively in the nose. And then there are tactile sensations, which include touch (the texture of crème brûlée), temperature (the warmth of soup) and irritation (the burn of hot peppers). Our understanding of how we perceive the flavor of foods and why we like some but not others is still in its infancy.

At the Nov. 12 Corvallis Science Pub, Juyun Lim, a sensory scientist and assistant professor in the Oregon State University Department of Food Science, will cover this fascinating topic. She conducts research on the oro-nasal sensory system as well as psychophysical methods to measure human sensory responses. She will discuss the roles of taste and smell in food perception and preference and how flavor can be created in the brain.

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