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The Meaning of Wilderness and the Rights of Nature

Alpine Environments Keynote: Dr. Rod Nash

Thursday, January 17, 2013 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Dr. Roderick Nash will examine the definition and origin of the concept of wilderness, trace its intellectual history from hatred and fear to appreciation and preservation and conclude with some ideas about the important of wildness for the future of life on this remarkable but badly-used planet.

"...protecting wilderness as a long overdue demonstration of restraint on the part of a species notorious for its excesses.  This line of thinking sees nature as a community to which we belong, not a commodity we possess.  It understands that the idea of the rights of nature means that humans should --in some places and in some ways--stand down...   Wilderness is a place to learn gratitude, humility and dependency.  It's where we put our species' needs and wants into balance with those of the rest of the natural world."  (An excerpt from an Opinion Editorial by Rod Nash in support of the Whetstone Proposal and other components of the Colorado "Hidden Gems" designated Wilderness campaign.)

Roderick Nash is a professor emeritus of history and environmental studies at the University of California Santa Barbara. He was also a pioneering whitewater river guide in the American West with more than a half century on moving water that includes over 70 descents of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and being the first person to descend the Tuolumne River (using a raft).

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