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Next Science Pub: The Science of Nutrition

Monday, May 13, 2013 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Next Science Pub, May 13, 2013

The Science of Nutrition: The Pauling Legacy and Current Research

Speakers: Steve Lawson and Chris Petersen, Oregon State University

Linus Pauling (Photo courtesy of the OSU Libraries)

Linus Pauling (Photo courtesy of the OSU Libraries)

The potential health benefit of Vitamin C may be Linus Pauling’s most famous legacy. However, among scientists, the Oregon native and two-time Nobel Prize winner is better known for deep insights into chemistry and its application to medicine.

At the May 13 Corvallis Science Pub, two speakers — Chris Petersen of the Special Collections and Archives Research Center in the Valley Library and Steve Lawson, administrative officer at the Linus Pauling Institute — will present little known highlights of Pauling’s life and an update on how scientists at the institute are applying his findings today. The institute is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Petersen authors The Pauling Blog and has overseen production of websites and videos that describe Pauling’s lifelong research. He’ll reflect on Pauling’s life as a college student in Corvallis, his years at Caltech, his work on sickle cell anemia and his tireless campaign for world peace.

Lawson has been associated with the Institute since 1977 when it was located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has contributed to the institute’s financial and scientific management and was a research colleague of Pauling’s, focusing on topics as diverse as vitamin C and cancer and superconductivity. He’ll discuss Pauling’s development of the concept of “orthomolecular medicine” as well as major areas of current research in areas such as vitamin D, cancer and the aging process.

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