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IFC Formal Recruitment Rules

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 8:00 AM - Saturday, October 12, 2013 1:30 PM



Rules Governing Alcohol and Recruitment Related Activities

All functions and activities involving alcoholic beverages sponsored by fraternities for the purpose of entertaining recruits, whether on or off the fraternity premises, are strictly prohibited.

  1. No alcohol is permitted on fraternity premises during Recruitment Week, even for those of legal age.
  2. No alcohol will be permitted at any location where recruits may be present.
  3. If a recruit is found in violation of the IFC Recruitment Regulations governing the use of alcohol, he will be prohibited from pledging any fraternity until the end of Fall Term.
  4. Entertainment at all recruitment-related activities shall be provided from within the male fraternity membership only.  Alumni and pledges/associates are included in this definition of “membership”.
  5. No women, other that resident advisors, cooks, and recruit relatives, shall be allowed in or on any fraternity premises during Recruitment Week.
  6. A list of all planned recruitment events, including times and places will be submitted to the IFC Recruitment Chairman by the date and time determined by the IFC Recruitment Committee.  Any event taking place more than 15 miles from the OSU campus must be denoted in the proposal.  Failure to provide this list will result in a review by the IFC Judicial Committee.
  7. The IFC Recruitment Chairman must approve the planned recruitment events.  The IFC Judicial Committee will hear appeals.
  8. Recruitment Week events organized by IFC member fraternities cannot prevent recruits from attending other IFC scheduled Recruitment Week events.

Dirty Recruitment:

  • It is strictly prohibited for any affiliate of an IFC member fraternity to make negative and/or derogatory unsubstantiated statements about another IFC member fraternity or affiliate of that fraternity.
  • Violations of the recruitment regulations shall be reported in writing to the IFC Regulations Chairman and shall include the following:
    • The name of the complainant
    • The nature of the violation
    •  Name(s) of the individual(s) responsible for the violation and their fraternity affiliation, a statement of which regulation was violated, and a detailed outline of the circumstances surrounding the violation.
    • Signatures of any witnesses as well as the individual reporting the violations.
  • After an evaluation by the IFC Regulations Chairman of the submitted report, a hearing will be scheduled before the Judicial Committee.  A hearing for violations during Recruitment Week may be scheduled with less than 24 hours notice.  Appeals to the Judicial Committee decision during Recruitment Week shall be brought before the Executive Committee of the Interfraternity Council.  Executive Committee members that are affiliates of any of the fraternities involved in the case shall be excused from deliberations.

 General Rules & Information:

  • Summer pledging/association begins on the 2nd Monday of July and ends at 5:00 pm on the Friday before Recruitment Week begins.
  • Entering freshmen or new transfer students residing at fraternities during Recruitment Week must be pledges/associates or registered for Recruitment Week.  To be registered for Recruitment Week, a recruit must register at IFC Central on the date(s) determined by the IFC Recruitment Chairman and pay any fee approved by the Interfraternity Council.  The IFC Judicial Committee or the IFC Recruitment Chairman must approve any exceptions.
  • All recruits shall attend all IFC Recruitment Week events.
  • Host fraternities will be responsible for picking up and returning all recruits to and from their respective living groups promptly before and after all events.
  • All University Student Life Policies and Regulations and Interfraternity Council regulations will apply during Recruitment Week.
  • Invitations to pledge/associate become binding to the fraternities upon submission to the Interfraternity Council Office or IFC Central.  Bids are binding to the recruit upon receipt of his signature on the official pledge/association card at pledging/association date determined by the IFC Recruitment Chairman.
  • Resident recruits must be informed 24 hours prior to Jump if they will not be receiving a bid from their host fraternity.
  • Fraternity members are expected to stay clear of the main steps of the Memorial Union during Jump in order to avoid possible injury and to minimize pressure on recruits.
  • Recruitment rules and regulations are subject to the interpretation of the IFC Judicial Committee and the IFC Recruitment Chairman. Appeals may be made to the Judicial committee or IFC delegation through the IFC President.
  • There will be no Formal, Informal, or Mock pledging ceremonies during Recruitment Week.
  • Public hazing of the Recruitment Chairmen during Recruitment Week or any day that follows shall be considered a violation of the recruitment regulations, the Interfraternity Council Constitution and By-laws, Appendix A, and University Student Life Policies and Regulations.
  • Any violations of recruitment policies and regulations reported to any member of the Interfraternity Council Executive Committee will be investigated by the IFC Regulations Committee and submitted to the IFC Judicial Committee for hearing.

Christian Collett & Tyler Webb
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