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Beyond the Harvest

Celebrating the Season and Planning for the Next

Sunday, September 22, 2013 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

This event will include classes on seasonal topics, a tomato taste-off, food, music by Wild Hog in the Woods, and more!

Bring in a sample of soil from your land to the OSU Extension Small Farms/Polk County NRCS table. NRCS Soil scientist Sue Reams will be there to help you learn more about your soil properties and how to improve your soil for next year!

11 am - Cooking from the Bounty, Nate Rafn, Rafn’s Local Foods
Nate will offer a recipe demonstration on Pickled Potato Salad. The salad incorporates fresh garden herbs, local potatoes, and a flavorful homemade dressing.

12 pm - Why Organic? Jon Hendersen, Old Mill Feed & Garden
Learn how and why good soil practices are the key to healthier plants. Pests and disease are often symptoms of poor soil management. Rather than constantly treating the symptoms, Jon hopes to inspire growers to create the soil environment that will allow their plants to effectively deal with most pests and disease on their own.

1:30 pm - Intro to Beekeeping, Carolyn Breece, OSU Master Beekeepers
Improve your harvest by keeping honey bees! Honey bees provide important pollination services, and they may even produce honey for you. This workshop will show you how you can get started or just come to learn more about bees! Also learn about OSU honey bee research and the Oregon Master Beekeeper program.

2:30 pm - Intro to Seed Saving, Sarah Kleeger, Adaptive Seed Company
Come learn why seed saving is important and how to do it right with Adaptive Seeds. Our workshop will cover basics including variety selection, pollination and isolation, seed harvest, cleaning, and storage techniques.

3:30 - Food Fermentation, OSU Master Food Preservers
Interest in fermenting foods is growing! This class will give an overview of fermentation practices and safe canning procedures. A sauerkraut-making demonstration and kimchi and sauerkraut sampling will be featured, and participants will receive OSU’s Pickling Vegetables publication and a fermentation resource list.

Pre-registration is required! For reservations or more information call 503-831-1222

Old Mill Feed & Garden
1313 Main St. Dallas, OR 97336
Pre-registration is required! For reservations or more information call 503-831-1222
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