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The FLoW $5,000 Transformational Idea Award Win a Full Scholarship to Draper University

Not ready to start a business? Have great pre-commercial research that needs exploring? Then apply to win the Transformational Idea Award.

Monday, March 3, 2014 (All Day Event)

What it covers: pre-commercial, applied research with large potential impact but in the conceptual phase of defining how it might make a business.

The Scholarship: A full scholarship for the winning team to attend Draper University's eight week entrepreneurial program.

Draper University: Founded by venture capitalist Tim Draper, Draper University is an unconventional boarding school for young entrepreneurs from around the world. A cross between a school and a live-in accelerator, the program is designed to inspire creativity, innovation, leadership and teamwork. 

The 8-week program culminates with students pitching their companies created under the guidance of mentors recruited for the university to Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

Apply: online at /apply. Transformational idea teams are not required to prepare business plans.

Need Help? Consult our pool of 90+ mentoring experts offering advice in technology and business development, raising capital, and marketing identification. Students fill out a Mentor Request form on the FLoW website /need-a-mentor and FLoW will match teams with advisors after submissions close on March 3, 2014.

The Process

Set up an account on iStart

March 3, 2014: Submission Date

March 4 - 8, 2014: Round 1 Judging, Mentors assigned

March 9 - 29, 2014: Prepare ten-slide presentation

April 4, 2014 SoCal and NorCal Semi-Finals: Present to TIA Judging Panels

May 7, 2014: Finals presentation and exhibition at Regional Awards in Los Angeles


Off Campus
Stephanie C. Yanchinski
stephanie.yanchinski at caltech.edu
California Institute of Technology
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