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MS Final Examination – Qiwei Wang

Monday, November 18, 2013 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Adaptive Broadband Wireless Interference Mitigation Architecture Applying HOS Algorithm for Computer Platform
The broadband wireless interference in a computer platform is resulted by multiple electro-magnetic emission sources. This non-Gaussian interference is proved to be double-sided K-distributed in previous research. With the limitation of transmission power and dimension of the device, interference mitigation is an efficient way to improve received signal bit error rate (BER). When applied on the double-sided K-distributed interference in the presence of Gaussian noise, traditional interference/noise cancellation schemes are not able to produce satisfactory result. In the thesis, our target is to find an interference mitigation method with improved BER performance. By introducing a new criterion of goodness, i.e. the cross-cumulant, the new adaptive algorithm based on higher order statistics (HOS) is designed to reconstruct and to cancel the interference in a recursive fashion. It is proved to be effective on both experimental binary transmission system and the OFDM system which is widely applied in modern mobile communication devices. Compared to the previous cancellation method, the BER performance is improved considerably.

Major Advisor: Mario Magaña
Committee: Julia Zhang
Committee: Thinh Nguyen
GCR: David Hackleman 

Kelley Engineering Center (campus map)
Nicole Thompson
1 541 737 3617
Nicole.Thompson at oregonstate.edu
Sch Elect Engr/Comp Sci
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