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God in Gotham

A Horning Lunch with Jon Butler

Thursday, November 21, 2013 12:00 PM

Jon Butler's God in Gotham examines the fate of religion in the capital of American secularism between the 1880s and the 1960s.  It seeks to understand what happened to traditional Western religion in the place that, in the United States and the world, epitomized the mass modern city; unbound religious, cultural, ethnic, and racial pluralism; and the creation of new forms of life that bypassed the "religious" and where that "religious" found itself as lost amidst's Manhattan's skyscrapers as did rural tourists.  It tackles the challenge of late nineteenth-century southern and eastern European migration in a city that had lacked a religious majority for a century, the corporate thrust in religion, the sacralization of the visual and aural landscape, religion and race prejudice, New York as a theological hothouse, the religious meaning of diversity, religion and politics, and the urban impact on post-WWII suburbanization.

Jon Butler is Howard R. Lamar Professor Emeritus of American Studies, History, and Religious Studies at Yale University and Adjunct Research Professor of History at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  He grew up in rural Minnesota and earned his B.A. (1964) and Ph.D. (1972) from the University of Minnesota, where in 2006 he received the honorary degree of Doctor of Science.  His books include Power, Authority, and the Origins of American Denominational Order (Am Phil Soc, 1978; new ed. U of Ala Press, 2009), The Huguenots in America:  A Refugee People in New World Society (Harvard UP, 1983; Soloutos Prize and Chinard Prize); Awash in a Sea of Faith:  Christianizing the American People (Harvard UP, 1990; Outler Prize, the AHA Beveridge Award for Best Book in American History); Becoming America:  The Revolution Before 1776 (Harvard UP, 2000), and Religion in American Life:  A Short History, co-authored with Grant Wacker and Randall Balmer (Oxford UP, 2003; 2nd ed., 2011).  He also is the author of many articles and reviews.  He taught at California State College, Bakersfield (1971-1975), the University of Illinois at Chicago (1975-1985), and Yale University (1985-2012), where he served as Chair of the American Studies Program (1988-1993), Chair of the Department of History (1999-2004), Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (2004-2010), and Acting University Librarian (2010-2011).  In 2010 he received the Byrnes-Sewall Prize for Teaching Excellence in Yale College and the Edward Bouchet Leadership Award for Diversity and Equal Opportunity.  He is Vice President of the Organization of American Historians, Editor-in-Chief of the forthcoming online Oxford Research Encyclopedia in American History, and is writing a book about religion in Manhattan from the Gilded Age to the 1960 Kennedy election, God in Gotham.

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