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Toward a Terrapolitan Earth Civilization

Seminar by Bron Taylor

Tuesday, January 21, 2014 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

What are the causes and consequences of the current, accelerating, global, trend toward biocultural simplification? What are the constitutive elements of ecologically and socially adaptive biocultural systems? Is it possible to envision a broad, global, social evolution unfolding in which people come to consider themselves kin to other organisms and share a planetary or ‘terrapolitan’ identity that includes feelings of citizenship and loyalty to the eco-regions they inhabit and to the biosphere itself?  What role might interdisciplinary environmental studies in general and the environmental arts and humanities in particular play in such social evolution?    In this presentation I will explore how and why I have come to consider such questions to be critically important, suggest some working hypotheses with regard to them, and sketch ways we might collaboratively address them. This should help precipitate discussion over how academic institutions such as OSU might contribute to the health and resilience of the environmental and social systems to which we belong and upon which we depend.      

Taylor is Professor of Religion and Environmental Ethics at the University of Florida, and the author of Deep Green Religion.

This seminar is the last to be given by candidates for the Director of OSU's Environmental Arts and Humanities program.  

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