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John Hunter Lecture

The Seeds of Peace Tomorrow Are In The Children of Today

Thursday, January 23, 2014 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

John Hunter, master teacher and creator of the World Peace Game, will share the subtle mechanics of his geo-political simulation, how it has for 35 years proved to be a successful interdisciplinary classroom tool, and why now his work has been hailed as a tool for peace by institutions ranging from the US Pentagon to the United Nations.   Hunter's heart-felt message of hope has evolved from a regular, intensive practice of engaging his students in the chaos and uncertainty of life. The World Peace Game creates a transformative fiction which requires negotiation, leadership, empathy and collaboration to tackle the impossible goals of developing practical solutions to global dilemmas and fostering the welfare of all nations and their peoples.   Hunter inspires with the stories of immense compassion, courage and optimism that have sprung from the collective wisdom of school children who are truly our best hope for peace tomorrow.

Milam Auditorium (campus map)
Karla Rockhold
1 541 737 2226
karla.rockhold at oregonstate.edu
College of Education
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