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The New Surveillance Society: Big Brother Grows Up

A Live Taping of Philosophy Talk

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Philosophy Talk returns to OSU with special guest Christopher McKnight Nichols.   Recent revelations confirm what many already suspected - not only is Big Brother watching you, he is also potentially reading your emails, listening to your phone calls, mapping your personal networks, and tracking your every move. While many see whistleblowers as heroes, others see them as criminals who ought to be severely punished. So, how should we treat whistleblowers who break the law for moral or political ends? How do we adjudicate between national or corporate security and individual rights? And what kind of rights and responsibilities does a proactive citizenry have when confronted with injustices committed by the state? 

Nationally syndicated radio show Philosophy talk (http://www.philosophytalk.org/) returns to OSU (fourth time) for a live taping with special guest, history professor Christopher McKnight Nichols.

The show runs locally on OPB.

LaSells Stewart Center (campus map)
C&E Auditorium
Robert Peckyno
(541) 737-8560
robert.peckyno at oregonstate.edu
School of History, Philosophy, and Religion