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Paired Watershed Studies

Take a New Look at Contemporary Forest Practices

Thursday, March 20, 2014 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

In 1971, Oregon passed the Forest Practices Act (OFPA), based in part on the Alsea Watershed Study, the most far-reaching paired watershed study of its time.  Since then, changed harvest paractices, new environmental priorities and the absence of new research have raised questions about whether current stream protection laws are adequate, go too far, or don't go far enough.

To answer those questions, three paired watershed studies of unprecedented magnitude - on Hinkle Creek and the Trask and Alsea rivers - have been designed to help guide future stream protection practices in Oregon forests.  Each study is ten-years long, involves projects that span thousands of acres, and uses sophisticated monitoring and tracking technology that did not exist 30 years ago.  Scientists are investigating fish, water quality and aquatic habitat at spatial and time scales never before possible.  These studies will provide the research necessary to update or confirm Forest Practices Act requirement for the 21st century.

Mike Cloughesy, Director of Forestry for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, will present the results of the three paired watershed studies conducted under the auspices of the Watershed Stewardship Cooperative at the OSU College of Forestry.  Mike is responsible for the development and implementation of OFRI's forestry education programs for landowners and the general public, and serves as a liaison with the forestry and forest science communities.

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